Commercial Division

Witnessing the high demand of aluminium and glass during the early 80’s, White Alumnium made a wise choice to enter the trading sector in 1983 and established the commercial division. This division provides Aluminium fabricators and glass processors with their raw material needs of Aluminium profiles and glass sheets respectively. In addition, we supply all supplementary accessories of aluminium and glass. Such accessories are hinge door handles and locks, curtain wall handles, locks and handles for sliding windows, roller shutters and windows fly screens, patch fittings and locks for glass doors (shop fronts), shower hinges, and connectors, spider fittings, glass lifters and cutters, floor machines and door closers, aluminium cutting blades and bits, all types or rubber and screws. Please follow the below link to access our accessories catalogue and click on “spread page” to access. This catalogue is still under construction. White Aluminium Extrusion catalogue will be submitted to reflect our aluminium profiles/products.





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